Marc Chauvin is an independent guide working from North Conway, NH specializing in custom guiding with individuals, couples or small groups of friends. In the summer Marc’s focus is traditional rock climbing.

Traditional rock climbing is a complex sport, that requires not only physical movement skills but skills in using technical equipment as well. Many climbers are now introduced to climbing in gyms or in the pre-rigged environment of a sport climbing area. This focuses the climber on movement skills, and simplifies the need to use and understand the equipment required to protect yourself in a more natural environment. The indoor and sport climbing experience is a great and useful foundation, but it falls short in preparing climbers for longer routes that require placing protection. This limits climbers from accomplishing both their pure rock climbing as well as alpine climbing goals.

Marc has been teaching climbing for 30 years and currently teaches and examines in the rock and alpine guide disciplines for the AMGA. Guide courses attract highly skilled candidates who are learning how to use their well developed skills in traditional climbing to not only ascend routes but protect and assist their clientele while managing the risks inherent in these type of ascents. Marc has taught guides on long routes like:

West RidgeNorth Ridge and Direct East Ridge of Forbidden
West Arete of Eldorado
Northeast Ridge of Mount Triumph
South Buttress of Cutthroat
Torment to Forbidden Traverse

This list illustrates the type of climbs that require a practical, no nonsense use of equipment to protect oneself, while still having the time to complete these objectives. This realistic approach to traditional climbing allows you to use the movement skills you have acquired in the gym and on sport climbs, and progress to a more natural or even wilderness climbs that require a complex understanding of the risks and how to protect oneself.

Prices per day per person
Private 1 on 1
: $295
(2 people): $185
Groups of 3
: $150

Below is a sample of the type of curriculums that are available. Because it will be only you and/or your group with me, we can customize your days to best fit your needs.

Guided Climbs

If you would like a day of climbing or need to train for something specific we can tailor a course. Whether it is training for an adventure race or a desire to climb a particular route on Cannon, Mount Washington, Cathedral or Whitehorse, training for a personal goal or a hike to a particular summit, let Chauvin Guides International help you learn and grow in the sport of climbing.

Introduction to Climbing

This course is for the person who is new to climbing or someone who has climbed in a gym and wants to learn how to be a good second on multi-pitch traditional climbing. The bulk of our time on this course is spent climbing.
Maximum ratio 3:1


The goal of this course is to introduce you to the skills necessary to lead traditional climbs. It is designed for people who have experience setting up their own top ropes and who have seconded multi-pitch climbs. We will discuss anchoring and protection placement, systems for belaying leaders and seconds, racking, choosing the right length sling. If you are ready after the initial clinics you will be able to lead a pitch. Although this is a good introduction, we recommend that you continue your education with a series of private or semiprivate lessons leading with Marc. Here is an example of one of the handouts you will be given in conjunction with this course
Maximum ratio 2:1

Self Rescue

Are you often nagged by questions such as “what happens if ….” Or do you wonder how you would get off of a route with even a minor injury? Do these questions affect your climbing when doing longer routes? Often having the knowledge to solve problems can keep you from getting into trouble in the first place. Although self rescue can be complex, we bring you through a progression that builds upon itself to help you solve the problem at hand. Our teaching techniques allow you to retain the information so it will be useable if you ever need it. Here is an example of what you will learn.

Setting Up Top Ropes

This course is for gym climbers or for people who have climbed with either a friend or guide and want to become self-sufficient in setting up their own top ropes. You will learn a systematic approach that will allow you to adapt to new areas using various types of anchors. This efficient system will let you spend more time climbing and less time setting up. We’ll start with nut placement, then move to anchoring. We will also cover belays from both the top and bottom of the cliff.